DaBlot Mini Cosmetic Palette

$18.00 - $24.00
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Let's give it up for the glam squad - a group of beauty magicians that create effortless looks. This mini stainless steel palette was created for quick-draw touch ups. It wraps around the fingers and rests on the back of the hand, allowing freedom for both hands. Say goodbye to fumbling and juggling messy pots, tubes, jars and brushes. Did we mention it can be used on the right or left hand? Dab.Blot.Go!™


  • The DaBlot™ Mini Cosmetic Palette allows for several dabs of individual cream or gel products
  • Perfect for use on the right or left hand
  • Eliminates the use of the hand for product "smearing"!
  • Has an adjustable strap for comfort
  • Toss in a set bag or on a bag strap
  • Travels well
  • Can be used on a flat surface
  • Use with DaBlot™ Makeup Palette Sheets or alone


  • Hands are free to hold a product in one and a tool in the other.
  • Allows for quick and clean application

Directions For Use:

  1. Secure the DaBlot™ Mini Cosmetic Palette on your left or right hand. We suggest adjusting the strap to the middle two fingers of either hand, allowing the palette to rest on the back of the hand.
  2. Place the cosmetic product directly on the palette or on the DaBlot™ Makeup Palette Sheets pad attached to the Mini.
  3. To clean, simply swipe with alcohol. When using the DaBlot™ Makeup Palette Sheets pad, when application is finished, carefully remove the used top sheet only, and toss. The pad is great for special effects makeup artists, who may need a dab of adhesive or other type of stubborn-to-remove product.


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